An Unnatural Choice



CLIENT: Mary Hodder Ross | The Self Publishing Agency

Mary Hodder Ross is an author and speaker. An Unnatural Choice is her memoir and first book, which chronicles the impossible choice to give up her child in secret and the impacts of this difficult decision on the decades that followed. She explores the complexities of motherhood and the weight of secrecy and silence on her family, sharing her journey to overcome lingering shame and speak her truth after a lifetime of silence.

Mary entrusted me with a first draft of her story in in its early stages so I could begin envisioning her book design. It pulled me in from the first page and her words stayed with me for days afterward. Her writing style was so clear and vivid that I immediately pictured several options for the front cover. Mary chose her favourite without hesitation and the rest of the book design came together like magic.

From the moment I met Laura I knew she and I would create the perfect design for my book. I felt connected to Laura and appreciated her calm but intensely interested way of listening to me.

I told her everything I could about my story and then sent her my manuscript which she read from start to finish. From there, Laura produced several impressive images of what the cover design could be. The one I chose so accurately represented the heart of the story that it makes me emotional each time I look at my book. Laura understood my story in such depth that what appeared was me, and yet all women, in the same image. That was my hope, my greatest desire for the book cover.

Laura is talented and passionate about her work. She keeps her eye on the details to find the core meaning, then translates that into the visual. I am truly grateful to Laura and look forward to working with her again when my next book is ready.
— Mary Hodder Ross, Author of An Unnatural Choice