Burke and Widgeon: A History (Volume One)

Cover and Interior Design


CLIENT: Lyle Litzenberger

Burke and Widgeon: A History (Volume One) is a 467-page local Vancouver history book written by Lyle Litzenberger. It meticulously chronicles the historic beginnings of Northeast Coquitlam’s Burke Mountain and, beyond its slopes, the Widgeon Valley, from the late 1800s to the 1930s. Lyle personally interviewed many local Coquitlam residents and dug deep into historical archives to create this impressive body of work over the course of a decade.

I was very fortunate to be approached by Lyle to design his book from cover to cover. Not only was his work scrupulously organized, down to the smallest detail (a designer's dream!), but he and his wife Melissa were a joy to collaborate with. Helping Lyle bring his book to fruition, ensuring this slice of history will be remembered for generations to come, has been a dream come true.

One of the essential aspects of any relationship between a designer and author is their ability to work together for the best possible outcome. Laura has been an absolute pleasure to work with! It was so easy to collaborate with her! Laura’s agreeable, intuitive nature ensured that our views became part of all discussions while, at the same time, her experience and keen eye for detail made the final product the best that it could possibly be. Her ideas relating to the book’s cover and pages really made all the difference, ensuring that our book was one that we could be very proud of.

Another outstanding trait that Laura demonstrated was her ability to work under pressure. With printer deadlines looming and a book launch date on the near horizon, we were so impressed with Laura’s promptness, unflappability and, at the same time, attentiveness to detail, that she exhibited throughout the entire final editing process.

We certainly hope that we will have the good fortune to work with Laura again, many more times in the future!
— Lyle Litzenberger, Author of Burke and Widgeon: A History (Volume One)